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Welcome To Playsafe Life Care Foundation.

Supporting social change for sustainable development.

Human Dignity

Respect for human dignity.

Gender equity

Equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless. of gender.


Transparency and Accountability.


Free, unrestricted access to knowledge and information.

What We Do

Our commitment is to work as partners in fostering sustainable development through participatory approach. Aim at finding sustainable livelihoods solutions and opportunities by working with rather than for, we seek to empower and support through collaboration in promoting social and economic progress.

Our Strategies

Advocacy, Social Mobilization, Training, Peer Mentoring, Linkages and Referral.

Our Shared Values

 Respect for human dignity, Transparency and Accountability, Gender equity, Openness, Respect for rules of engagement.


Kwara State Ministry of Women Affairs and social development, Kwara State Ministry of Education and Human Development, International organization for migration Lagos Nigeria


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