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At screening of Maid in Hell to Corps Members in Ilorin, Kwara state (Education Development Group CDS) issues and discussion,
One of the corps members said there was no need to show the film to them that we should have summarized the story to them instead of showing them the film. Immediately he finished talking, 9 corps members raised their hands up to also comments.

The second speaker said it’s because he had not travel beyond where he is that is why he believes the film is not necessary. He said he worked in Dubai and came to Nigeria for his NYSC programme, according to him, there were hundreds of Nigerians in Dubai that are working in the country either as construction workers or as a maid that cannot come back to the country presently because their passport have being seized by their sponsors, not getting their payment directly, and working more than 9 hours so, they are stock and many are prisons, but he is fortunate. He end his contribution that the Golf countries are not for Africans generally and that Maid in Hell has given the picture of what is happening outside there and stressed that there is need to screen the film over and over again.

Third speaker: According to her she would have been a victim but due delay in getting Visa. Some years back a friend of her family came to their village and told her parent to let her go with him to Cairo, Egypt where she will work and get good pay, one thing lead to the other and was not able to follow them but her friend did, after some years, she later realized that her friend is now a prostitute and couldn’t come back home because she has not completed her employer payment. In fact her relatives don’t even know how to save. She ended her contribution by saying that if it is not happening in your home that does not imply that it doesn’t exist, it do.

fourth speaker: she narrated a family came to the village picked her cousin from Abia State to Calabar and promise to sponsor her education and the parent agreed that she took the girl with her. For years they did not hear anything about the girl, they later got information about the girl and discovered she was held hostage in baby making factory producing children for them. Presently, the matter is in court.

Fifth speaker: according to her, all human being are struggling to survive and the film actually shows exactly what is happening in our world. Whoever that is able to tame the other in a journey to survive becomes the master.

Sixth speaker: people go to the village to recruit housemaids promising their parents that their children will have a better life in the city and access to good education but reverse is the case. These children are been treated like animals and this has become a norms in Nigeria and no one sees it as evil again.

What is your own view?

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