102, Murtala Muhammed way, Ilorin

Working With FSW

Visiting and working with female sex worker is interesting because they will laugh with you and you will have privilege information to know why they have choose prostitution as profession. It’s far beyond what you have in mind, believe me most of them are into prostitution because of frustration of life. And that is the only way they think they can solve their problem at moment.
I was in Obbo Rd., one of the hot spot in Ilorin, Kwara State today to promote safe sex with condoms in line with objective of the foundation, as I was i leaving the place one of them was outside smoking, well dressed, ready for business. She look at me and said; Good afternoon! Good afternoon!! Good afternoon!!! After the third time, I look at her and responded good afternoon.
My heart fills with pity and I felt sorry for her because I couldn’t help her situation!

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